I find it interesting that so many people are interested in the training regimens of movie stars. I fully admit that I’ve seen the videos of the guys doing the 300 workout and getting cut and absolutely in shape for that movie. They definitely put in the blood sweat and tear to get the physiques that Zack Snyder was looking for.

What I find more interesting is the idea that someone could look like someone else. No I’m not talking about plastic surgery, or the person who has a doppelgänger, but to have the same physique as someone else.

If you Google “how to look like Chris Hemsworth” you will find his workout routine for the Marvel movies. And there is no doubt that he put in time and discipline to attaining the body he has. Good on him.

Problem is he doesn’t look like Chris Evans, and he looks to be quite in shape too. Chris Evans doesn’t look like Arnold though, and Arnold doesn’t look like Sly Stallone who doesn’t look like Chris Pratt, who doesn’t look like your typical dad.

None of them look alike.

Notice that Arnold has a much bigger chest than Frank Zane to his left, but Zane has a smaller waist which gives him a natural taper.

Their muscle insert at different points on the skeleton. Some have broader shoulders, some narrower. Some have longer legs, some have shorter. Some have longer muscle bellies, some have shorter.

And while some of those guys above are dads, because of their Hollywood careers, they have to stay in that type of shape or get there repeatedly for their roles. We, the consumers, expect it. I’m pretty sure that if we saw a pudgy God of Thunder, not many of us would be interested in seeing the movie.

There is nothing wrong with being at single digit body fat percentages, but it is difficult and takes patience and time. Many fitness models, male or female, are extremely disciplined when it comes to working out, but even more so with their diets.

That’s right! Diet. Everyone knows this and that’s why there are so many supplements to get into fat burning mode and shed the weight faster. I’m not necessarily against these, though caution is to be used if ingesting them. They can cause problems, especially with the liver. But I’m not sure that they are the real key to shredding fat.

Staying at a low body fat is tough mentally. Read the blogs of fitness competitors where low, and I mean low body fat, is the requirement. They usually don’t stay there long, just enough for contest. Many of them talk about the severe mood swings and depression. Women talk about losing their periods. Both men and women can have crazy tempers at be set off at the smallest little things.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t have the goal to get looking good and have self-confidence, quite the contrary. What I am saying is looking like someone else is impossible outside of sci-fi movies. Having low body fat and having a good aesthetic is possible with discipline. Having 9% though doesn’t equal health. A guy can have 16% body fat and still be healthy and look good.

One of the best things a person can do is be active and maintain a weight that is healthy for them. A person that is 6 foot is going to weigh more than a 5’8′ person. Too many people are concerned with a number on a scale rather than a feeling they have that comes from being healthy.

I think this reason is the number one cause of failure in health. We focus too much on the quantitative and don’t look enough at the qualitative. And the qualitative is what is going to make the difference to you in the long run, not if you look like Hugh Jackman from Wolverine. You can look like Hugh Jackman from the first X-men and still be totally awesome.

You can look like the one of the left and still feel great!

Another way to look at this is to look at sleep. When people get little sleep because they stayed up too late and had to get up early they feel like crap. Do it day in and day out, like sometimes we all do, and we start getting sick, can’t think right and overall hate life. If we give up a bit of our time to get the proper sleep, things feel better and qualitatively our lives improve. You can feel like that looking like wolverine from the first x-men.

I’m feel good looking like I do. I feel comfortable with who I am. It takes some discipline, but it’s worth it in the end. Not getting the flu is way more worth it than looking totally awesome. You can do both, but a lot of what you’re used to will go out the window. I prefer to live a little.

Being a parent means we need to live a little and that’s OK!

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